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Selling A House in Sioux Falls With Unfinished or Unpermitted Construction or Remodeling

Does the home you want to sell in Sioux Falls or surrounding areas have unfinished construction projects that prevented you from selling your house, despite your desire to do so? Due to financial constraints, increased material costs, health problems, or other reasons, you may have begun work on your home but need to sell it before it is finished. You might be aware that the home won’t pass inspections or might even break local building regulations. Maybe you even didn’t get a permit for the electrical work that was done. The list of common problems in Sioux Falls that can lead a home to fail an inspection includes incomplete construction on the property or various situations in the home that arise from the lack of finishing remodeling or construction work on the home.

Do You Need to Sell a House in Sioux Falls With Unfinished Work?

The problem with these situations is that a lender typically won’t approve financing for a buyer if the home is being built, or is going through a remodel, or even if it has damage you’ve been repairing from a storm. Obviously, if there is building going on inside the house without a municipal permit, a lender won’t authorize a loan. What choices do you have if you must sell, then? We can suggest several options.

Hire A Local Contractor To Finish The Work and Pull Permits

It is possible to hire a local company to finish the job, but if you need to sell quickly, this could be expensive and time-consuming. If money is an issue, you might choose a home equity loan to obtain the financing required to finish the project. Again, this may be costly and time-consuming. Depending on the need, some contractors can be hard to find, especially good ones. Always make sure you find licensed and insured contractors and do your homework by asking around, asking for references, and checking for reviews online. Check out this article on finding a good handyman for more help.

Launch Homebuyers Buys Houses in Sioux Falls with Unfinished Construction and Remodeling

Suggest a 203K Loan To Potential Buyers

You could suggest to potential buyers a federally backed 203k loan. Buyers can use these types of mortgages for property rehabilitation through the Federal Housing Administration. With them, they can buy a home, or you could possibly even refinance a home if you still have a mortgage. A 203k rehab loan can be used to add a room, fix a roof, or pay for other necessary maintenance, but it cannot be used to install luxury items. Even a home that has already been torn down can be rebuilt if the original foundations are still in place. The predicted value of the completed property is used by the FHA to determine the loan amount. 203k loans can be used to fund a primary dwelling as well as an investment property. Learn more about 203k loans in Sioux Falls here.

Professional Home Buyers Will Buy Properties With Unfinished Work and Remodeling

It doesn’t matter why your construction isn’t complete; whatever the cause. Even if the construction was done incorrectly and won’t pass municipal inspections, Launch Homebuyers can make you a cash offer. Naturally, you have the choice to accept or reject the offer. We can close the sale quite soon if you accept the offer. Simply leave the house; no additional work is necessary. There isn’t even any cleanup or trash pickup required. In all these situation and more which are listed on our home page, we can purchase as-is.

Launch Homebuyers in Sioux Falls Can Even Purchase Homes With Unpermitted Work

When you or another person make repairs, remodels, or do other construction to your property without first securing the required county or city permissions, this is known as unpermitted construction. The development may be made safe for both present and future residents with the usage of these approvals. Unpermitted work can include renovating a kitchen or bathroom or adding a new room without a building permit. Maybe you didn’t realize you needed a building permit for the work you did or started.  There are many home remodel and construction projects that require a permit in Sioux Falls.

However, even if you missed this or failed an inspection due to unpermitted work, in many cases, we can help in this situation by buying your house in cash and taking it as-is. The construction could be complete or unfinished. We would be happy to go over the options with you.

How Launch Homebuyers Works in Sioux Falls to Help Property Sellers With Unfinished or Unpermitted Work

When we say “as-is,” we mean in ANY situation. We’ll buy your Sioux Falls house as-is. i.e., you won’t have to worry about sprucing anything up or having your house ready for a showing. After we buy your house, we’ll take care of all repairs, inspections, permits, etc. This spares you the cost and hassle of staging your house for sale or dealing with inspectors, fines, realtor fees, and more. You are not required to perform any further work or cleaning. You can leave your house in its current condition and go, no matter how awful it is. Everything is welcome, including garbage, used clothing, furniture, old appliances, and more. We are still interested in purchasing your home!

Additionally, unlike when selling through an agent, we’ll quickly determine whether we can assist you, so you won’t have to wait to find out if the buyer qualifies for financing. We are prepared to purchase immediately! We have a great reputation and have assisted homeowners in numerous difficult selling circumstances.

We close quickly, so you can grab your money and leave without any further fees or charges. There won’t be anything to tidy up, complete, or worry about. We manage everything on your behalf. You can read more about our business here. If you’d want to talk more in-depth about your alternatives and predicament, don’t wait – call us today in Sioux Falls, SD at 877-514-7355. We would be happy to speak with you and discover more about your circumstances.

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