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4 Smart Questions to Determine Your Best Option for Your Storm Damaged House in Sioux Falls, SD

What do Brandon, SD, Vermillion, SD, Yankton, SD, Mitchell, SD, Sioux Falls all have in common this year in regard to weather?  Strong damaging tornados, straight line winds and thunderstorms.  According to South Dakota Public Broadcasting, as of this past summer, 2022 holds the record for severe thunderstorm warnings. In fact, news outlets across the nation ran the story earlier this year in May about the derecho that swept across the Sioux Falls area with extremely damaging straight line winds. This is a weather phenomenon that has not been seen in many years. Sioux Falls’ own Argus Leader ran a story about the damaging effects of these storms on Sioux Falls homes and properties.

Kelo Land News reported that McCook County saw wide-spread damage to homes and property due to storms in May.  There was another round of very severe storms over the summer and many folks in Sioux Falls are struggling to get their properties repaired either due to lack of supplies, being under insured, or just not having the ability to handle all of the twists and turns of dealing with insurance companies or contractors.  If your home was damaged by these storms and you are thinking about your options of repair or perhaps selling and moving to a better location, Launch Homebuyers in Sioux Falls suggests some advice.

After Storm Damage To Your Sioux Falls Area Home, Ask These Questions To Determine Your Best Options

The weather in South Dakota can be dangerous and unpredictable depending on where you live. Anything from hail, strong winds, tornadoes, water, ice, and snow can cause damage to homes. Although weather-related damage may make it more difficult to sell your house, the process should not be permanently halted. It can be a fantastic opportunity to make some repairs and make sure the house is in perfect shape before putting it on the market. If you are the owner of the property, you might be able to sell it for cash and make a profit in the process. You need answers to these questions if a tornado, hail, or severe thunderstorm straight line wind destroyed your Rogers, Sioux Falls property.

1. Do I Have A Mortgage Or Is This Home Paid For?

The good news is that you probably have insurance that will cover the cost of repairs if you have a mortgage on your property and still owe money on it. To protect their possible loss in the event that the property is harmed, mortgage companies need high-quality insurance. Since you are actually purchasing the home over time with your monthly payments from the mortgage company, they want to recoup their investment. Most likely, you have been making your monthly payment and the home insurance together. The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau has extra advice on what to do if you have a mortgage on your home and a weather disaster.

2. Do I Own the Home But Not Have Adequate Insurance Coverage For Repairs

If you own your home, which means you are not obligated to a mortgage company, and you have reliable property insurance. Your insurance claim should be submitted as soon as you can. To assess the property damage and inform you of the cost of the repairs, they will dispatch an inspector. If you own the house and have adequate insurance coverage, the insurance provider ought to send you a check for the estimated cost of home restoration.

Once you have the check in your hand, you might choose to DIY the repairs to the house and keep the money you save by not paying a contractor. You also have the choice to NOT make repairs to the property and keep the whole insurance settlement unless your policy’s fine print specifically prohibits it. A organization that assists consumers in understanding insurance, Claimsmate, states that “if you own your property outright,… you’re free to fix your home as you like. You may, for instance, fix your house yourself or select a less expensive contractor. Even better, you can take the cash and put it toward a trip rather than home repairs.

There may still be hope if you don’t have property insurance. If your home was damaged by a storm or tornado but you didn’t have insurance, Launch Homebuyers can help. We purchase storm damaged homes in the Sioux Falls, SD area for cash. We can give you a monetary offer right away if there is significant damage that can’t be easily repaired or even just tree and landscaping damage that you do not want to deal with. If you decide to and your policy allows it, you can keep the insurance money, and sell your home, damage, and all, for cash to Launch Homebuyers.

Rocket Homebuyers can buy your storm damaged home in Sioux Falls, SD for cash.
Launch Homebuyers Can Buy Your Sioux Falls, SD Storm Damaged House for Cash

3. Should I Repair the Storm Damage to My House in Sioux Falls or Take the Money and Move On?

If a weather-related disaster has caused damage to your Rogers property, you might be able to sell it to a reputable house buying business like Launch Homebuyers as-is with no cleanup or repairs necessary AND keep your insurance payout. To consider your alternatives completely and carefully, you will need to have some sense of the property’s value after repairs. We can tell you from experience that a cash offer from Launch Homebuyers is probably the most economical choice for you if your Sioux Falls area property is older, out-of-date, already in disrepair, or not in generally good condition. Keep in mind that no repairs or cleaning are required in conjunction with an all-cash offer. Additionally, there are no additional costs or closing fees.  We can typically conclude the purchase in as little as a week if you accept the cash offer. In addition to the cash offer, remember, you can decide not to make the repairs and keep your insurance check.

4. Should I Request A Cash Offer Right Now?

We advise you to lodge a claim by calling your insurance provider first. Follow the procedure for receiving payment for your claim. Call us at Launch Homebuyers in Sioux Falls, SD for a cash offer once you have your check in your possession. You will be better able to choose wisely after learning this information. Here, you can read more about how we work at Launch Homebuyers in Sioux Falls, SD. Here are some client testimonials that you can read. We would be pleased to assess your storm-damaged property and present you with an offer. There is no need to accept the offer, so you are free to consider your options and write them down. To find out more and hear about your alternatives, call us right now at (877) 514-7355.

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